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Leap Motion review: A glimpse into the future of computing

Leap Motion review: A glimpse into the future of computing 


Gesture interaction with computers had long been the stuff of sci-fi, until the recent socially-awkward flamboyant games such as Xbox Kinect began to enter the mainstream.

Now that touchscreens have moved  the human-computer interaction on the far side the monopoly of the mouse-keyboard union for the primary time in thirty years, ar we tend to currently at some extent wherever we will place far between U.S. and our computers? will we tend to instruct them while not direct contact however currently move to the new union of voice-gesture?

Leap Motion is that the initial serious thought contestant for a hi-fi gesture peripheral. It tracks the movement of hands in 2 sq. feet of house on top of it with unbelievable speed and accuracy.

The first question everyone asks is, ‘So what will it do?’. The short answer is, today, little or no. Tomorrow? Well, I for one am a believer. What we've here may be a limitation of imagination, not of technology. that's sometimes a catalyst for innovation.
Device itself

Receiving my Developer Kit a number of weeks agone was a cause for an outsized crowd to collect within the development team at the Guardian. solely a couple of latest gadgets extremely generate this level of pleasure and other people wished to visualize for themselves whether or not it lived up to the publicity.

At the purpose of receiving the developer kits, the demos offered were basic however fascinating. the power to act with a college of digital fish or navigate through central London sort of a chopper was in brief entertaining .

Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger had a play, too:

Real world use

We were ready to use the Leap Motions throughout our last internal Hack Days that generated some fascinating results. however one litmus {test|acid-base indicator} test I actually have for brand new technology is whether or not my five-year recent girl will operate it. while she struggled with the games that need pinpoint accuracy and poise, she adores fiddling with the fish and flying round the earth.

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Samsung's answer to incoming calls, texts, tweets at the wheel? An app that knows you're driving, replies for you

Samsung's new app can discover once you are driving and send auto-replies to incoming calls and social-media messages.

In-Traffic Reply automatically activates once its owner is moving at 10kph/6mph. Image: Samsung 

 Samsung has declared a replacement app known as In-Traffic Reply, that sends machine-driven replies once it detects that its owner ought to be keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel or handlebars.

The new mechanical man app, due on Google Play in might, uses the smartphone's GPS or activity sensors to observe if the user is driving a automobile or riding a motorcycle.

Consumers check smartphones over nine billion times every day and modify new businesses

Consumers area unit screenaholics and area unit checking their smartphones one billion times every day over a year past, aforementioned Deloitte & Touche. Here's a glance at some industries that profit.

It's mechanically activated once the user is traveling at 10kph/6mph, and instantly creates a notification that the user will disable drive/ride mode if, as an example, they are a traveler in an exceedingly vehicle, in step with Samsung's description of the app on Sammobile.

For drivers and riders United Nations agency do not disable the app, it'll mechanically answer incoming calls and notifications from social apps. Users will select the default, "I'm driving, therefore I cannot answer at the moment", or associate degree animated response. as an alternative, they'll produce their own custom message.

Samsung The Netherlands launched the app beneath a trial regionally period of time past, as a part of a trial to deal with phone usage whereas driving or riding.

Samsung's analysis with a people found they usually felt social pressure to answer their phone, albeit they were driving or riding. national capital is after all the bicycle capital of the planet which mode of transport is omnipresent within the country.

Smartphone usage whereas athletics has created safety challenges, significantly for youth. Holland government last year supported a campaign to warn youngsters against riding and employing a smartphone. The campaign promoted associate degree app that awarded points for not employing a phone whereas riding.

The Dutch survey commissioned by Samsung found that a 3rd of respondents used their phones in hand-held mode whereas driving or riding. several aforementioned they felt social pressure to reply to calls and messages quickly.

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